Train the Trainer 10-Part Series

Are you a thought leader in a professional organization?

Do you manage day to day operations for a non-profit organization?

Are you responsible for training clients or community members on business practices?

Do you coach or aspire to coach business owners and entrepreneurs for success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would like to invite you or someone from your organization to the Women’s Business Center’s Comprehensive “Train the Trainer” program.

Train the Trainer

10-Part Series split into three sections:

Section 1 (Pt.1-5): Technology Basics (5 classes)

Section 2 (Pt 6-7): Technology Systems Training (2 classes)

Section 3 (Pt 8-9): Introduction to Business Banking and Financial Education (2 classes)

Pt 10: Program Recap & Module Testing

Participation in all ten parts required to complete series. Series completion award at the end; anyone from the organization can attend each individual course, so long as someone is there for each of the ten. There is a separate registration link for each course, so participants will need to register for all ten courses to complete the program.

Pt. 1 January 26, 2021 (12PM-1:30PM)

Introduction to Series

Section 1 Technology Basics

Assisting Organizations and Business Owners with determining basic technology needed to operate a sustainable venture

Class 1.1 Internet Browsers, Online Security, Microsoft Office Suite, Google

Pt. 2 January 29, 2021 (12PM-1:00PM)

Class 1.2 Professional Communication Best Practices

Email Etiquette

Soft Skills/Customer Service

Relationship Marketing

Pt. 3 February 2, 2021 (12PM-1:00PM)

Class 1.3 Delivering Online Content

The Necessity of Webinars for Communication and Relevance

How to Conduct

Best Practices

Pt. 4 February 5, 2021 (12PM-1:00PM)

Class 1.4 Professionalism

Appearance and Communication

Marketing of Technology

How to reach the Right Customer

Pt. 5 February 9, 2021 (12PM-1:00PM)

Class 1.5 Evaluation Systems

Determining Value Added Activities

Testing for Participant Comprehension

Adjusting Future Methods

Pt. 6 February 12, 2021 (12PM-1:30PM)

Section 2 Technology Systems Training

Class 2.1 Zoom, Sales Force, Trello

Introduction to Technology Tools and How to Implement them into Daily Activities

Basic Usage with limited use licensing provided

Pt. 7 February 16, 2021 (12PM-1:00PM)

Class 2.2    Grow with Google and Amazon Platforms

Pt. 8 February 19, 2021 (12PM-1:00PM)

Section 3:  Introduction to Business Banking and Financial Education

Class 3.1   Banking Relationships

Learn the reason and requirements for opening and maintaining. Understand the   need for creating and maintaining healthy banking relationships.

Pt. 9 February 23, 2021 (12PM-1:00PM)

Class 3.2 Building Business and Personal Credit

Learn the differences and importance between business and personal credit. Learn practical information for building and protecting both.

Pt. 10 February 26, 2021 (12PM-1:30PM)

Program Recap w/ Q&A Panel

Module Testing and Participant Completion Certificates