Professional Emailing

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Professional Emailing

What you’ll learn:
• Get your main point across clearly in emails
• Help your reader know how to respond to your emails
• Use a Call to Action to tell your reader their needed action

Why this is important:
• Reduce your editing time
• Help your reader understand the first time—to reduce follow-up calls or emails
• Get more responses to your emails
• Ensure your voice comes across clearly in emails

Erin Lebacqz has been teaching writing for over 20 years, in the United States and abroad. Erin helps people writing at work inform and connect with their readers through targeted, clear, and empathetic writing. She is the author of High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing.

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“The Women’s Business Center is funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration”


June 28, 2022
9:30 am - 10:30 am