Intro to Business Writing

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Intro to Business Writing

What you will learn: – How to make your writing work for your readers

– How to write more clearly and concisely
– How to write email subject lines that grab attention
– How to avoid some common grammar and punctuation errors
Why this is important:
Help readers see the value in your ideas by writing in a way that works for busy professionals. Professionals are inundated with countless emails each day. Make sure they read yours favorably by providing clear and easy-to-follow writing they can easily navigate and understand. Writing professionally and with a businesslike tone promotes upward mobility and gains you influence too, as readers see the value in your words and ideas.
Erin Lebacqz has taught and trained in writing courses for over twenty years, in the United States and abroad. She holds both teaching and writing degrees, and currently trains in the private sector and for non-profits, and works as a communication trainer for the State of California.

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July 16, 2019
9:30 am - 11:30 am


California Capital Women’s Business Center
1792 Tribute Rd #270
Sacramento, CA 95815
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