Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeepers

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Often times accounting is the last thing most entrepreneurs think about when they begin their business. Most people decide to begin a business because there is something to offer the world. Most business owners are not equipped to deal with finances for a number of reasons; one could be knowledge, the other reason is money to pay a bookkeeper. This course addresses both of these reasons. Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeepers is a course that gives you, the business owner; terms that can help broaden your knowledge. It gives you the sense of confidence to prepare your bookkeeping if hiring bookkeeping is not part of the budget now!

Learning Objectives:

    • Bookkeeping Terms
    • Charts of Accounts
    • The Use of Charts of Accounts in Accounting Software

Presented by: Anita Johnson, founder of Money Wisdom for Women

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June 6, 2019
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


California Capital Women’s Business Center
1792 Tribute Rd #270
Sacramento, CA 95815
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