Highlighting Business Progress: How California Capital Courses Can Set Entrepreneurs on the Path to Success

When assessing the progress a business owner has made toward their goals—whether they are aiming to start a new business, franchise an existing one, bid on government contracts, or anything in between—California Capital’s business counselors and consultants ask them about their recent achievements. What steps have they taken that have put them closer to their definition of success, and what results have they seen? 

Last month, the California Capital blog featured an article introducing the winners of the first-ever Startup to Success Pitch Competition. Since completing the Startup Generator to Success accelerator program offered through the Women’s Business Center, participants have put their entrepreneurial education to use and many have already reached turning points in their business journey. Progress looks different for every entrepreneur, depending on their goals and business type—and Startup Generator alums are no exception. Some have seen results in the form of entering into negotiations to lease the perfect spot for a flagship cafe; others have successfully pitched their non-profit to secure sizable grant funding, or have begun networking with powerful players in their industry. (The Startup Generator to Success accelerator program is back starting on July 30th. Click here to learn more).

Because success and the steps it takes to achieve depend on a variety of factors, California Capital’s programs cater to the specific needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to entrepreneurship, so individualized education, counseling, and guidance is key to developing California’s small business ecosystem and ensuring that entrepreneurs from low and middle-income communities have the same opportunities.