Empowered Entrepreneur 4-Part Intensive Workshop


This 4-part series will dive deeper into the essential pieces of entrepreneurship including mindset being empowered, effective communication, understanding technology, marketing and branding, business planning and the importance and relevance of the business model canvas, accounting and funding your business, and human resource the power of human capital. After this series, you will be in position to move forward to the next essential steps in your entrepreneurial journey.



Empowered Entrepreneur 4-Part Intensive Workshop

The 4-part virtual series course is broken down into 4 two-hour workshops, a total of 8 hours. The course is a basic fundamentals of entrepreneurship course facilitated by Natasha Palumbo aka Professor P.  It comes with Entrepreneurship Empowered book and workbook. Written by Ms. Palumbo herself.  The book and workbook are business guides that will assist participants in creating not only a business plan but other essential parts of business planning and strategy. There will be interactive and hands-on activities for each workshop. At the completion of the series, each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge. The following topics will be covered in deeper detail:

•             The Mind of an Empowered Entrepreneur

•             Communication and Technology

•             Types of Empowered Entrepreneurs, Business Legal Structure, and Intellectual Property

•             Business Planning

•             Marketing and Branding

•             Financial Planning, Accounting, and Funding your Business

•             Leadership and Ethics

•             Human Resources

Course Webinar Meeting Dates:

  • PART 1- Friday, March 25th, 10am-12pm
  • PART 2- Friday, April 1st, 10am-12pm
  • PART 3- Friday, April 8th, 10am-12pm
  • PART 4- Friday, April 15th, 10am-12pm

There is a material fee of $25 in which you will receive Ms. Palumbo’s book “Entrepreneurship Empowered; A New Millennium Business Guide from Startup to Succession,” and her Entrepreneurship Empowered Companion Workbook.

As an additional benefit, Ms. Palumbo is also a consultant for Women’s Business Center and after you complete her training you will be able to work with her one on one to further develop your business planning and development needs.

Natasha Palumbo Biography:

Ms. Palumbo is a business professional with more than 20 years of experience, 17 as an Empowered Entrepreneur. She is a creative leader with in-depth knowledge and expertise applying strategic business management, development of small business initiatives, and progressive leadership. Ms. Palumbo is an effective communicator with an innate ability to engage and hold the attention of those she trains and teaches. She owns several businesses, and she successfully grew her core business into multiple states. She is a social entrepreneur and has been serving the homeless community for more than 16 years. Ms. Palumbo is a published author and is currently writing her fourth book, Empowered Life, which will be published in March 2020. All of her books are available nationwide. In addition to being an Empowered Entrepreneur, Ms. Palumbo is a Business Adjunct professor for multiple colleges in the greater Sacramento region. She also serves as secretary/treasurer and is on the board of USNRG, INC.—a non-profit that specializes in energy and healthy home inspections. She earned her MBA and Bachelor of Arts degrees from California State University. She is the mother of two beautiful children.

Natasha M Palumbo, MBA

Author, Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Entrepreneur – Educator – Empowered


LinkedIn and Instagram: Natasha M Palumbo

Facebook Page: Entrepreneurship Empowered