Marketing Your Business to the Federal Government and CA State Agencies

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Marketing Your Business to the Federal Government and CA State Agencies

Marketing is an essential role in that a relationship should be established between the supplier and the buyer in order to do business with each other. Information must be researched, analyzed and interpreted in order for a supplier to develop a clear marketing plan. The plan will provide guidance to the supplier making it easier to decide who within the US Government should be targeted. Understanding your product or service offering is just as essential as to how you represent your product or service to the US Government. In this workshop we will

  • Discuss the product/service that you will be marketing
  • Define Marketing
  • Show you how to perform market research
  • Discuss who you should be marketing the product/service you have to offer to

California Capital PTAC is offering a 90 minute hands-on workshop focusing on why and how to market your business to the US Government. The instructor will provide specific information on why you should market your product or service, how to market your product or service, and how to focus your effort to maximize your marketed. To participate in the hands-on section of this workshop, it is recommended that each participant bring their own internet connected device i.e.; laptop, tablet etc.

Instructor: James D. Aldea, California Capital PTAC Procurement Counselor



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February 28, 2020
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Golden Pacific Bank
620 N Walton Ave
Yuba City, California 95993-9352
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