Mindfulness & Self Care for Busy Women Like You

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mindfulness & Self care for busy women like you

How we can start off the summer on a different foot? Many find that the beginning of summer offers an opportunity to slow the hectic pace of professional life down, at least a bit. Whether you want to intentionally change your pace to slow down or not, this time of year can provide an opportunity to do some self-care and start some healthier habits. This presentation will cover some of the ever expanding theory and research on mindfulness, and teach experiential exercises for use in daily life to help reduce stress, live more fully and happier. Participants will leave with the following: *skills to increase self awareness & focus that help with improved time management *obtain understanding of neuroscience of mindfulness practices *benefits and practice of mindfulness interventions to enhance interpersonal relationships at work Facilitated by: Melissa Hensel, LCSW Melissa Hensel, LCSW As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Melissa brings knowledge and experience helping individuals, children and families practice integrative behavioral health in to their lives in a practical therapeutic manner. She incorporates cognitive behavioral health techniques with mindfulness interventions to help achieve healthier ways to manage daily challenges in professional and personal arenas.

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June 28, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


California Capital Women’s Business Center
1792 Tribute Rd #270
Sacramento, CA 95815
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