Business Ownership and Government Contracting Assistance from APEX Accelerator Helps Danishia Colbert and Her Family Thrive

For Danishia Colbert, entrepreneurship has been a path to stability and independence for her family. In 2022, after complications from childbirth resulted in her younger sister having a variety of chronic conditions that limit her ability to work a full-time job, Danishia and her husband launched Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services. As an after-hours janitorial service specializing in office spaces and large buildings, Danishia can operate the business while keeping her day job with the State of California Department of Human Resources, and provide gainful, flexible employment for her sister and other family members.   

With her background in state work, Danishia knew that contracts with state and federal government agencies would be a way to build a sustainable business with reliable clients. Starting down this path, she turned to the California Capital APEX Accelerator to work with a counselor and learn the basics of contracting, from certifications to finding projects to bid on.  

 “I’m very resourceful, so I went to the APEX Accelerator to avoid challenges,” says Colbert, reflecting on the start of her business journey. “If I could save myself a headache, why not? That’s why I went: you don’t have to learn everything the hard way.”   

Working with Alex McCracken, her procurement counselor, Danishia did market research to determine that janitorial service would be a steady industry, wrote her capabilities statement, obtained her Woman-Owned Small Business certification, Service-Disabled Veteran certification, and join the online databases that would allow her to bid on jobs.  

Since launching in 2022, Wall 2 Wall Cleaning has won and performed on contracts with the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA), the San Joaquin Valley Cemetery, and the California Conservation Corps. Danishia was also selected to participate in the prestigious Veterans in Procurement (VIP) program in Washington, D.C.  

“I have a great [APEX Accelerator] counselor. She connects me to different communities. A lot of the contracts I’ve gotten are because she’s connected me,” explains Danishia. “Having an APEX Accelerator counselor is like starting the game on second base: why wouldn’t you? It’s a big advantage.” 

Moving forward, Danishia is looking forward to working on strategies for growth, and becoming an expert in her industry. “I’m excited about being more strategic and proactive with my business – simple things like setting my books up in advance,” she says. “I’m doing a lot of learning and utilizing every resource.”