Financial Education

Since 2002, we have delivered a comprehensive curriculum designed to address the financial education and planning needs of youth and adults.  Over 450 clients, primarily from low wealth neighborhoods, are served each year.


Financial Education Topics
• Goal Setting
• Spending and Debt
• Budgeting
• Credit
• Saving
• Purchasing a Car/Loans
• Investing
• Paying for College
• Resume Building
• Choosing a Career
• Interviewing
• Taxes
• Bank Products and Services
• Purchasing a Home
• Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment
• Retirement
• Renting an Apartment
• Evaluating Advertising
• Raising Money Smart Children


Student Testimonials

“This was very helpful. I recommend that all students take this class. I’m glad I took this class because my parents didn’t teach me any of this. Thank you!” –John F. Kennedy High School student“Our instructors made everything interesting and engaging.” –Hiram Johnson High School student

“I wish it was an actual class at school! The team based games really made it fun, with important information.” –Hiram Johnson High School student

“This class was extremely helpful. I appreciated having this class because of how much it has helped me financially. I recommend this class for everyone.” –Luther Burbank High School Student

“I appreciated this and think education should be more applicable like what we learned in this class.” –West Campus High School student

“At first I didn’t know much about credit, loans and such. But at the end of this course I’ve learned so much.” –Hiram Johnson High School student

“I thought it was very useful because as a senior, knowing about finances will be very important concerning paying bills and saving money. Also, you knew what you were teaching, so that is very good.” –John F. Kennedy High School student


Teacher Testimonials

“Teachers would be smart to incorporate this financial literacy course into their curriculum; it’s arguably more tangible than micro and macro economics.”“[The instructor] is always well prepared, inventive, and knowledgeable. She’s professional as she takes her work seriously.”

“She does her research and brings/employs that research into her instruction. Accurate numbers and policies are used to engage students.”

“The lessons she provided were important in assisting teens to be ready for life past high school and beyond.”

“I hope to have the assistance of these educators again. They have been very impressive. As a teacher of almost 15 years, I’ve learned new ideas and techniques. Well done!”