Business Development

Since 1983, California Capital’s technical assistance program and workshops have been specifically tailored to the needs of small and micro businesses entrepreneurs.   By group or one-on-one, we assist in building management capacity, including, business development and planning, organizational development and management, financial management, human resources, marketing, community engagement and outreach, staff development, loan readiness and application, all crucial to the vitality and sustainability of a business or organization.

Business Development Services

Workshops:  Our workshop topics are carefully chosen based on our clients needs.  We find that our clients needs are centered around 3 basic themes:  generating more business/finding and identifying business opportunities, reaching more customers/building customer relationships, and business financing.  There are many free resources available to small business, however business do not know how to find and access them.  Currently, our workshops strongly focus on identifying and accessing opportunities to generate more business.  See a list of our upcoming workshops and to register go here.

One-on-One Counseling:  Since 1983, we have been providing one-on-one assistance to entrepreneurs and business owners.  Our counseling specialty is in business financing.  By carefully examining a business owners current state, we are able to create a game plan for them to access business capital and identify a funding source.  For a  free counseling appointment please call our office at 916.442.1729 or go here to request an appointment online.

Bilingual Business Success Forums: Since 2002, Forums have been designed to meet the business development, capacity building and education needs of the growing numbers of immigrant, refugee and limited/non-English proficient business owners.  A majority of participants reside and/or have businesses in low wealth neighborhoods.  Forums are offered in nine languages:  Chinese, Vietnamese, Hmong, Mien, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and English.