Did You Know…?

Facts about small business, minority business, women-owned business, and the larger Sacramento business community.


  • “Small businesses dominate in the four-county Sacramento region.  Nearly 98 percent are considered small businesses, and a further 75 percent are considered microbusinesses, according to a new analysis” (Sacramento Business Journal)


  • “Out of the Sacramento area, 43,567 of 44,514 business establishments are considered small businesses, with 1 to 99 employees, according to an On Numbers report on U.S. Census Bureau data from 2010.  That’s 97.87 percent.” (Sacramento Business Journal)


  • “Out of those businesses, 32,600 are microbusinesses, or those that employ only one to nine employees.  That works out to 74.83 percent.” (Sacramento Business Journal)




  • “If U.S.-based women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have the 5th largest GDP in the world, trailing closely behind Germany, and ahead of countries including France, United Kingdom and Italy.” (National Women’s Business Council)


  • “If U.S.-based women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have a greater GDP than Canada, India and Vietnam combined.” (National Women’s Business Council)



  • “Between 2002 and 2007, the number of minority firms grew by 46 percent, compared to 18 percent for all U.S. firms, and compared to 13.7 percent growth for the minority population age 18 and older, during the same period.” (Minority Business Development Agency)



  • Asian-owned firms grew 41 percent to 1.6 million from 2002. Asian-owned firms continue to generate the highest annual gross receipts at $510.1 billion in 2007, increasing 56 percent from 2002.” (Minority Business Development Agency)


  • “The number of Hispanic-owned businesses totaled 2.3 million in 2007, up 44 percent from 2002. Receipts for Hispanic firms increased 55 percent to $343.3 billion.” (Minority Business Development Agency)


  • Black, or African-American-owned businesses grew to 1.9 million firms in 2007, up 61 percent from 2002 – the largest increase among all minority-owned companies; and generated $135.6 billion in gross receipts, up 53 percent from 2002.” (Minority Business Development Agency)


  • “There were 237,203 American Indian and Alaska Native-owned businesses in 2007, up 18 percent from 2002, generating $34.2 billion in gross receipts, an increase of 27 percent.” (Minority Business Development Agency)


  • Native Hawaiian- and Other Pacific Islander-owned businesses totaled 38,854 in 2007, up 34 percent from 2002. While these firms’ reported the largest increase in receipts among all minority-owned firms in 2002 (63 percent), the total amount reached only $7 billion.” (Minority Business Development Agency)





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