Sales and Marketing Masterclass: Part 2- Marketing to Federal Agencies

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This workshop is a basic training program on Sales. It will reacquaint experienced sales people with the many elements the selling process and will teach new sales people the skills needed to find prospects and turn them into customers.

Many startup businesses have excellent products and/or excellent services and there is a strong demand for them in the marketplace. That said, far too many of these new businesses do not achieve their full potential due simply to the inability of their owners and their staff to make effective sales calls to the private sector and governmental sector. Don’t have your business underperform due to a weak “face to face” sales strategy.

These workshops are conducted by Victor Johnson (Vic) is a Professional Civil Engineer who has 45 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing of Professional Services. He has specialized in growing small businesses into large businesses. He was Senior Vice President (and part owner) of two firms that went public: one went on the NYSE and the other – the NASDAQ.
Additionally, Vic has written six books and owns a publishing firm. This experience has broadened his sales and marketing experience in relationship to other types of products and services.

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March 6, 2018
9:30 am - 12:30 pm


California Capital Women’s Business Center
1792 Tribute Rd #270
Sacramento, CA 95815
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